We all love getting massages.  The benefit of going to a reputable massage spa or studio is the relaxing atmosphere, the heated massage tables, the zen like music, and the professional working out your kinks.
But sometimes you just can’t wait for your next appointment!   How about a friend or spouse work out a kink or two?

Well, let the pros give you some tips on how to help and have others help you!   Georgetown Massage and Bodywork’s popular Couples Massage Tutorial can do just that!

Couples Massage Tutorial

In this fun, relaxed, and informative 90 minute session, you and a partner will learn some basic Swedish and Deep Tissue techniques with a licensed massage therapist.   Each person will have about 35 – 40 minutes to practice new techniques on their partner and the same amount of time to receive massage from their partner.

With Valentine’s Day right around the corner, we are throwing in some dark chocolate and scented massage oil to take with you!

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