XX_Wellness Consultations

Are you looking for a more natural approach to nagging health issues? Do you want to learn strategies you can implement into your daily routine to achieve and maintain optimal health?

Herbal Wellness Consultation with Erin Antosh

Cost: $185 for initial 60 minute consultation + session recap email

$135 for 60 minute follow up sessions

An Herbal Wellness Consultation combines medicinal herbalism, nutrition, food as medicine, detoxification strategies, natural skincare/body products and lifestyle interventions to put you on a path towards sustained wellness.

What to expect during your one hour session:

  • – Strategies to boost your nutrition using nutritive herbs, healing foods, supplements and nourishing recipes
  • – Gentle but effective detoxification methods to address your health needs using botanicals, food, and natural lifestyle modifications
  • – Recommendations for how to use medicinal herbal remedies to achieve your health goals and maintain wellness
  • – Suggested approaches to support your healing, with recommended products and referrals to local healthcare providers
  • – A personalized action plan to recap what was discussed, so you can take steps to improve your health without feeling overwhelmed (provided in a follow-up email)

Your initial one hour session with Herbalist Erin Antosh will consist of a detailed intake, allowing Erin to understand your wellness goals, current lifestyle, and medical history. Follow-up sessions are encouraged to cover topics in more depth, adjust your protocol as needed, and provide further guidance as you make lifestyle modifications and incorporate natural healing tools.

Within 10 days of your initial consultation, Erin will formulate custom therapeutic herbal products for your specific health needs and let you know when they are available for pickup at GMB. Each session will be followed up with a recap email of your protocol, so you have a clear path forward and the resources to make lifestyle shifts easily. Please note consultation pricing is not inclusive of the cost of herbal products that are formulated for you.

Erin can help you navigate to the most effective medical and holistic interventions for your specific health concerns, allowing you to get answers faster and take your health into your own hands in the process. You will leave each session empowered with simple ways to incorporate herbal remedies, food as medicine, and detoxification strategies into your daily routine to augment your health.

DISCLAIMER Erin Antosh is a trained herbalist and not a licensed doctor or registered healthcare practitioner. She cannot and does not claim to diagnose health conditions, nor prescribe medicines. Erin does not claim that the information she provides or the products she recommends will prevent, alleviate, or cure any diseases or medical conditions. The information Erin provides is not intended to be a substitute for medical treatment. Always consult a medical doctor before modifying your diet, using any new product, drug, supplement, or doing any new exercises.

Ayurvedic Lifestyle Coaching with Sojourner Williams


90-minute session. $150

Ayurveda, the sister science to yoga, is a medical system that has been practiced in India for the last 6,000 years. It aims to create perfect balance of the bodily systems using food, herbs, spices, breathing practices, meditation, and yoga. Ayurvedic Coaching begins with a general consultation, during which Sojourner assesses your current lifestyle – including diet, body care, and wellness routines. At the end of this 90-minute session, you will know your Ayurvedic “dosha” (constitution, body type, and innate energetic makeup), and receive guidance regarding diet, lifestyle, sleep, meditation, and yoga. 


60- to 90-minute sessions. $150/each

These unique and customized services follow the initial Exploratory Consultation. Whether struggling with weight, hypertension, insomnia, anxiety, or any of the side effects of modern life, Holistic Lifestyle Coaching will help bring you into balance, so you can live a pleasure-filled and exuberant life. Creating balance among mind, body, and spirit, each session prepares you to implement permanent and positive lifestyle changes. To ensure a sustainable lifestyle shift, Sojourner works with you every step of the way. Through dietary support and meal plans, meditation lessons, personalized yoga sequences, and/or individualized bath and body product instruction, these individualized sessions address your unique needs. Whether selecting one service or multiple in-depth immersions, you will receive one-week of personal consultation per appointment – including a detailed wellness plan prior to each session.Holistic Lifestyle Session choices:

* Dietary Support & Meal Plans, 90-minutes. After discussing the personalized wellness plan from your initial Exploratory Consultation, we talk through recipes, plan a grocery list, and enjoy cooking tutorials. It’s like having your own personal chef for one hour! Simply take notes and enjoy. Then, enjoy a deeply relaxing Reiki session (energy balancing and healing) at the culmination of your meeting.

* Meditation, 60-minutes. An intensely rejuvenating session, we work together on Pranayama (yogic breathing exercises for relaxation and vitality), meditation techniques, and mantra (repetition of a personalized phrase or word, which helps dissolve obstacles or negative patterns). Then, enjoy a deeply relaxing Reiki session (energy balancing and healing) at the culmination of your meeting.

* Yoga, 60-minutes. In this beautiful practice session, you will practice a series of yoga poses designed for your personal balance. Learn a customized routine created to address your areas of concern (i.e. insomnia, hypertension, (arthritis, etc), and, experience restorative poses to harmonize the practice. The session ends with a Reiki-infused deep relaxation that will leave you feeling blissfully serene and grounded.

* Body Care, 90-minutes. Prepare for a pampering and aromatic experience. We will work step-by-step to create natural products designed to nurture you from the outside in. At the end of the session, you will have a variety of natural, easy-to-make products – such as body lotion, massage oil, perfume, shampoo, conditioner, scrubs, and salves – to incorporate into your beauty and wellness routine.