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    Treat yourself to a dose of Solocarbon far infrared light. The Sunlighten Solo System® is proven effective and safe for pain relief, detoxification, skin rejuvenation, and more. Like a “sleeping bag for your soul,” the infrared heater warms your body at the core rather than on the skin’s surface. Relax in our dome-shaped, individual sauna after your massage, or, as a separate treatment.. Learn more

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        Techniques including deep tissue, myofascial release, lymphatic drainage, and swedish massage to reduce muscle tension, increase circulation, and improve range of motion and joint movement. Learn more

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      • My experience is always great here. I had a massage with Rachel – she was fantastic!!!!!! Restored some mobility to my right shoulder without any post massage acheyness! I am going to get some PRP treaments in that shoulder and might ask my doctor if going here for weekly 1/2 hour appointments would work as well as PT.

        Suzy F
      • I had the best massage I’ve ever had in Washington this past week with Nancy at Georgetown Massage and Bodywork. The massage studio is beautiful, the atmosphere is very calm and soothing and Nancy is an excellent massage therapist. I will be back!!

        Nathalie J.
      • May be the best massage appointment I’ve ever had; Vital is the first massage therapist who really listened to me, used the kind of pressure I wanted, focused on areas of injury, and even gave me follow up recommendations to keep treating areas of muscle strain. I will be back!

        Lora G.
      • I have been looking for a good massage therapist for 2 yrs! I have tried many but have not been happy with them. I am now happy. I have had 2 massages at Georgetown Massage & Bodywork – Vital & Maryl and they were both great!! I am told the other therapists are also very good so I will be trying them too.

        Linda S.
      • Alison is an outstanding massage therapist. She has a thorough understanding of her craft and is an expert practitioner. Alison consistently identifies the root of the problem and addresses it.

        Madelyn C.
      • After experiencing several years of intermittent pain and decreased mobility in my left shoulder, I asked Alison to give me a series of  short, deep tissue massages of my left shoulder, upper left chest, and upper left arm. I began experiencing less pain and greater mobility immediately after Alison’s first massage. Now, a year later, my shoulder has completely healed. I attribute the healing in large part to Alison’s attentiveness, compassion, and skill. Thanks, Alison. I am very grateful to you.

        Corry R
      • I get a 90 minute massage and they are usually the best 90 minutes of the week. The team at GMB are very thorough, and I always feel I’m well taken care of

        Dan Hastings
      • Great massage, very friendly. Professional and gives great advice for relieving tension, muscle pain, etc.

      • Allison and Deborah are miraculous therapists. With an encyclopedic knowledge of the body and how it moves, they listen to your descriptions and prescribe a plan to help you that is relaxing, rewarding, and so, so healthy. They have never failed to help cure my aching back when I needed it most.

        Bronwen B.
      • Visited this place based on yelp reviews and I can say they definitely didn’t let me down. Alison was a fantastic massage therapist and listened to my needs before going to work on my upper back and neck. I will definitely be back!

        Michael Persie

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