Wellness Practitioners

Georgetown Massage and Bodywork has been providing high quality massage therapy and wellness services for the DC metropolitan area since 2004!

All bodyworkers and wellness professionals are licensed and have extensive training in a variety of modalities to ensure that the right treatment can be applied for the specific needs of the client.

Meet our team!

Alison A

Alison A founded Georgetown Massage and Bodywork in 2004. She received professional massage training at the National Massage Therapy Institute in Falls Church, VA. Alison was introduced to the world of massage therapy in 2001 after a horse riding accident while studying art in Italy. After working with a massage therapist which resulted in a speedy recovery, her interest was piqued and she received professional training and certification. Specializing in a broad variety of deep tissue techniques, sports massage, neuromuscular therapy, and swedish massage she had a thriving private practice for over 8 years until expanding and adding other massage talent to her team in 2012.  Today Georgetown Massage and Bodywork is a relaxing oasis in the heart of DC offering massage therapy, herbal wellness consultations, classes in wellness topics, such as, tea blending, meditation, infant massage, ayurvedic consultations, and more. In addition to selling essential oils, diffusers, and other wellness based products at the shop, Alison became a certified aromatherapist in 2018 and created a line of aromatherapy products for wellness and skin care.  She continues to expand her knowledge through workshops, research, and client interactions. When not running the shop, she plays drums in a DC rock cover band with her husband, or can be found relaxing out in Falls Church or Virginia wine country.

Erin Antosh

Erin is an Herbalist with a background in nutrition, detoxification, and natural living. She completed the extensive Foundations of Medicinal Herbalism and Herbal Apothecary certification courses at Green Comfort School of Herbal Medicine in Castleton, VA. She has furthered her botanical studies through The Herbal Academy and classes with some of the most renowned Herbalists of our time. Through ongoing learning, Erin continues to expand her knowledge in clinical herbalism, plant medicine formulation, herbal bath/body product making, as well as the safe and effective use of essential oils and flower essences. In 2015, Erin graduated with honors from the Academy of Culinary Nutrition. As a Culinary Nutrition Expert and an experienced cook, Erin is able to translate nutrition science into nourishing meals that allow clients to use food as medicine. Erin then pursued an advanced clinical course in Detoxification and Biotransformation with Josh Gitalis, a Clinical Functional Nutritionist based in Toronto.  Erin’s interest in natural healing modalities stems from her first-hand experience using a variety of effective holistic interventions in her personal health journey. Erin was chronically ill for over 20 years, managing her symptoms through a pharmaceutical approach. When her health ultimately hit rock bottom, she looked to a more natural approach to healing. Drastically changing her diet and lifestyle, deploying detoxification strategies, and working with bodyworkers, herbalists, mind-body practitioners, and an Integrative Medicine Doctor enabled her to achieve optimal health after Lyme Disease, Epstein Barr Virus, a rare pancreatic disorder, and multiple autoimmune diseases had gone undiagnosed for years.

Erin is the founder of Where The Good Grows, which provides natural living and wellness education through online content and community gatherings in the Washington, DC area. In her free time, Erin enjoys gardening, hiking, cooking, herbal medicine making, and practicing/performing improv comedy.

Jen B

Following a lifelong passion for horsemanship, Jen enrolled in Vienna’s National Personal Training Institute to more thoroughly serve her riding community for performance improvement and injury rehabilitation. Her passions for anatomy, learning, and helping others led her to enroll in the Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage, where she developed a more integrative approach to assisting her physically overstressed and injured clients. Today, Jen is pursuing her doctorate in Physical Therapy and plans to explore additional modalities in order to provide the most effective, individualized support. 

Kelly M

Kelly has a passion for facilitating healing through massage therapy, a practice that works in harmony with her 15 years of experience as a dancer, dance educator, and choreographer. Kelly’s extensive training in dance informs her massage and bodywork practice by giving her an intuitive understanding of the kinesthetic and anatomical workings of the human body as a whole. For her clients, Kelly strives to provide a knowledgable, personalized, and compassionate touch to help them achieve their optimum health and wellness goals. Kelly holds a BA in Dance from Columbia College Chicago and is also a graduate of Northern Virginia School of Therapeutic Massage. It was here that she received her extensive hands-on clinical training and experience in treating a wide variety of soft tissue conditions with a well-rounded array of modalities including; swedish massage, deep tissue, sports massage, trigger point therapy, myofacisal cupping, and reflexology. Kelly’s goal is to be a lifelong learner of her craft and to help keep people moving freely and joyfully throughout their entire life. In her spare time Kelly is an avid hiker, backpacker, swimmer, and kayaker with a deep love for adventure sports and the natural world. 

Kristine L

Kristine has been studying massage since 1993. She is passionate about her work and helping clients identify causes of muscular pain and discomfort. She has taken advanced training in Swedish massage, Trigger Point Therapy, NMT, Orthopedic massage, Sports massage and studied Lymphatic Drainage from the Upledger Training program. Kristine combines various styles to address a clients particular needs. She has worked with a chiropractor, and holds a physical therapy aide certificate. 

Her passion for massage and helping people achieve relief from stress and muscular pain is evident in the care and focus she adds to every session.

Libby B

With 17 years of professional massage experience under her belt, Libby is able to customize a therapeutic massage session using a variety of modalities. Combining a clinical approach with intuitive nurturing, Libby styles include: Swedish, deep tissue, sports massage, myofascial therapy, manual lymphatic drainage, neuromuscular therapy (including jaw work to treat TMJ), acupressure, reflexology, hot stone, and pre- and post- natal massage. Graduating from the Baltimore School of Massage in 2002, she says when she first discovered the craft, it ‘felt like home”. Before dedicating herself full time to massage therapy, she studied music and worked in the food and beverage industry where she honed her customer service skills. She’s worked 14 years in a Forbes 4-star rated hotel and brings her skills and warmth to Georgetown Massage and Bodywork.

She was raised in North Carolina and loves life in DC. When not working, Libby enjoys spending time in nature, whether camping of tubing, or walking in the woods. She has an eclectic taste in music, enjoys reading fiction, and loves spending time with her husband and two cats.

Naika G

Naïka is a massage therapist and energy healer who enjoys creating spaces for healing to transpire. With a holistic approach to massage, Naïka uniquely combines various modalities, including acupressure and aromatherapy, to address each client’s needs. She was trained in western and eastern massage at the National Holistic Institute in 2017. While there, she also studied Pranic Healing, a no-touch energy healing modality that promotes relief from physical, emotional and psychological stressors. She also holds a Masters in Public Health (MPH) from the George Washington University (GWU), and a Bachelors in Nursing from Johns Hopkins University. When not working, Naïka enjoys hiking, spending time with her cats and loved ones, and holding Womxn Circles and workshops across the city.

Whitney M

As a former college volleyball player, Whitney’s approach to massage therapy is one that incorporates soft tissue therapies with the science of movement.  Her interest in massage began as an athlete plagued with overuse injuries.  Her desire to find an additional recovery tool beyond that of the ice whirlpool and anti-inflammatories led her to a massage therapist.  With an innate desire to help people in a one-on-one setting, she herself pursued massage training in Washington, DC after college.  She soon found that the lifestyles of many weekend warriors (herself included) demanded extensive recovery and injury rehabilitation. She believes the study of the human body, both from a movement and behavior standpoint, is endless.  Each experience brings with it a learning opportunity to expand upon her ability to help others through massage.  When not working, Whitney is playing sports.  Whether working on her strength with a barbell or playing sand doubles volleyball, she lives an active lifestyle.

Sandra W

Sandra W has practiced massage therapy for more than 25 years. She received her national board certification from the Baltimore School of Massage, and complements this foundation with additional training in Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy, Lymphatic Drainage, and herbal medicine. She is also a certified Sivananda Yoga Teacher. Sandra’s massage practice emphasizes holistic wellness, with a soothing approach to therapeutic and prenatal massage, which includes assisted stretching, energy healing, and preventative care techniques.

Vic F

Vic has had the privilege of helping Washingtonians move with greater ease in their bodies since her decade-long career as a former yoga instructor. In 2008 she graduated from the Potomac Massage Training Institute and worked both in private practice as well as in a gym setting. Her core belief about life is that deepening the breath and bringing greater awareness to the body are essential for health and well-being. Sessions with Vic often focus on specific areas of need. Using her knowledge of myofascial release techniques and sports massage to release areas of congestion (“knots”), and integrating deep tissue and Swedish modalities for deep relaxation, Vic seeks to help each client move more freely and feel less restrictions in their bodies. Outside of the massage studio, Vic is also a teacher of English as a second language, loves cooking, hiking, and reading. Elle parle français couramment.

Georgetown Massage and Bodywork has been providing high quality massage therapy and wellness services for the DC metropolitan area since 2004!