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Wellness Classes & Workshops


Botanical Lattes with Herbs + Superfoods

Friday, March 20th 6:30 – 8pm

Your morning routine is about to get a major nutritional upgrade! In this class, Erin Antosh, GMB’s resident Clinical Herbalist and CEO of Where The Good Grows, will demonstrate how to make delicious, health-promoting lattes using botanicals and superfoods. These lattes are a warm and soothing alternative to a morning smoothie in the cooler seasons, serving as a wonderful medium to enjoy a daily dose of medicinal plants and superfoods. 

Two types of lattes will be demonstrated, an immune-boosting Chocolate Beetroot Latte and an anti-inflammatory Turmeric Latte. You will learn about the therapeutic properties of the plants used, and see how easy it is to make medicinal-strength lattes with tools you already have in your kitchen. You will be provided with easy recipes to make lattes to support your health goals, so nourishing herbal lattes can become part of your morning ritual.

NOTE: All participants will get to sip on a caffeine-free medicinal strength latte in class. All ingredients used in this workshop will be dairy-free and organic, and lattes will be sweetened with raw honey or maple syrup. The lattes made in class will not include coffee or espresso, but can be easily enhanced at home with your favorite brew. Please inform us of any allergies prior to the class and we will do our best to accommodate.

$35 per person

Therapeutic Herbal Tea Tasting + Blending 

Friday,  April 24th 6:30 – 8pm

Most people think of herbal teas as a simple soothing beverage, but if made properly, herbal teas (tisanes) can be potent tools for healing and maintaining health.  

In this workshop, conducted in the format of a wine tasting, you will have the opportunity to taste six different medicinal-strength herbal teas. We will go beyond the standard peppermint and chamomile teas to introduce you to less common herbs that have powerful medicinal properties. Erin Antosh will discuss the actions of each herb tasted, so you can gain an understanding of which herbs are calming, which herbs are so relaxing that they can be used as sleep aids, which herbs are energizing, and the herbs that support your body’s detoxification pathways. 

During the tasting, you will take note of the taste of each single-herb tea to inform how you may want to combine flavors for a custom tea blend. Erin will discuss the art of tea blending and guide you in creating your own tea blend. We will also discuss how to make herbal infusions as well as decoctions, so you can take home the tea blend you created and make medicinal strength herbal teas at home. 

$40 per person for tasting + take home custom blend

Making Healthy Botanical Mocktails

Friday, May 29th 6:30-8pm

Getting together for drinks doesn’t always have to include alcohol! In this fun class, learn how to make delicious booze-free mocktails using therapeutic botanicals, superfoods, and natural sweeteners.  Enjoy drinks and good company, while learning about the power of plants and herbs. 

NOTES: Your event fee includes botanical mocktails to sip during the class (they do not contain caffeine and are alcohol-free). Please inform us of any allergies prior to the class and we will do our best to accommodate.

$35 per person

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Botanical Chocolates Infused with Medicinal Plants + Superfoods (Tasting + Making Demo) 

Friday, June 19th 6:30 – 8pm

Cacoa, the primary ingredient in dark chocolate, is an antioxidant powerhouse and packed with magnesium. Skip the over-processed chocolate on the shelves, and learn how to make your own chocolates using organic raw cacoa butter and powder. In this class, our herbalist Erin, will demonstrate how to make a delicious chocolate base that can be infused with powerful, medicinal herbs. She will discuss each unique property of the herbs and how to infuse them into a chocolate base as well as adding them to creamy nut fillings. Raw honey will be used as a sweetener. You will taste several different pre-made chocolates and have a chance to decorate them with edible flowers and superfoods.

$45 per person

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Guided Seasonal Detoxification: Series of 4 Classes

Call to inquire about times.

During this four week program, GMB’s resident Herbalist Erin Antosh, will discuss the often surprising sources of toxins in our daily lives, how toxins impact our health, and how to reduce your exposure to support wellbeing. With your classmates and the support of Erin, you will be guided through a gentle and safe detoxification regimen that will support your body’s natural detoxification capabilities through certain foods, therapeutic botanical products, juices, and lifestyle strategies. Included in this class is a “Detoxification Support Kit” which includes medicinal herbal teas that support detoxification and deliver nutrients, recipes for preparing seasonally appropriate juices/lattes/smoothies/food, medicinal latte mixes, shopping lists, and more (everything you need to get started!). 

Through our meetings each Wednesday, you will learn about the body’s natural detoxification pathways, and why extreme detoxification programs and cleanses are not necessary (and often dangerous). Instead of a drastic detox program, you will learn to eat and live in a way that allows your body to eliminate toxins easier, while also augmenting your nutrition. This is not a “juice cleanse” or an extreme herbal detox program, so you will be eating nourishing and nutrient dense food throughout the program. 

Here is what you can expect from this program:

*A “Detoxification Support Kit” that includes everything you need to get started (and consists of a 2 month supply so you can continue using your products after the program)

*A 30 minute private consultation with Clinical Herbalist Erin Antosh to personalize your experience and help address individual health goals (conducted over the phone the first week of the program)

*Demonstrations each week to learn how to make and use herbal products and foods that support natural detoxification. 

*Educational emails that complement what you learn in class, so you have the resources, education, and encouragement you need to safely boost your body’s detoxification processes. 

*Access to Erin via email to ask questions and get the personalized support you need for your specific health goals during your four week detoxification journey. 

*A 20 minute session in our Infrared Sauna (schedule it for one day before or after class).

*Therapeutic herbal teas to sip during class and snacks like botanically infused dark chocolates.

*A detailed survey (which you will take during the first class) to discover the areas in your life where you may be personally exposed to the most toxins that may be affecting your health, so you can personalize your experience. 

Start the new year on a clean slate, feeling empowered to optimize your health naturally. After this class you will have the skills to prevent toxic buildup and the knowledge to incorporate gentle detoxification as part of your daily routine. As a lot of modern day health issues are rooted in our bodies’ compromised detoxification processes due to over accumulation of toxins, this program is a good foundation for healing chronic health issues and will provide you with the tools for prevention.

$275 per person for 4 class series (6-8 people per class)

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