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Wellness Classes & Workshops

Herbs for Natural Calm (Stress, Anxiety & Sleep)

4:30-6pm Sunday, August 11th

It is common knowledge that stress is a major factor that contributes to poor health. On top of that, some of the top selling pharmaceutical drugs are anti-anxiety medications and sleep aids.
How do we find calm amidst the chaos, and address chronic stress, anxiety and sleep issues in a more natural manner?
Meditation is an answer for some, but for others meditation brings up more anxiety. While Melatonin, a well-known “natural” sleep aid, is made in a lab and doesn’t work for everyone. If you feel like you have tried every trick in the book or you are interested in migrating to a natural approach, this workshop is for you.
Georgetown Massage and Bodywork’s resident Herbalist, Erin Antosh, will touch on some proven lifestyle modifications that support natural calm, while focusing on medicinal herbs that can be used safely and daily to support stress, anxiety and sleep issues. You will learn about
underlying health issues that may be the root cause of your issues and how to incorporate calming herbs into your daily routine to provide relief.
NOTES: Your event fee includes herbal tea to sip during the class. Please inform us of any allergies prior to the class and we will do our best to accommodate.
$30 per person
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Practical Meditation

Practical Meditations with Rebecca Petillo offers powerful, proven meditation techniques and mindfulness tools that enhance life and the enjoyment of your everyday moments. These tools include ways to establish a daily meditation routine which will encourage inner peace, strengthen relationships and enliven creative problem solving. A professional instructor with over 28 years of daily practice, Rebecca brings a sense of levity and enjoyment to the practice which encourages relaxation, mental clarity and, an overall sense of purpose and joy.

Each Practical Meditation class will begin with a brief discussion about meditation as a gift for your soul.  We then enjoy a gentle kind body scan.  We follow this with a discussion about establishing a workable daily meditation practice.  Each week we finish with a different meditation which allows each person to build their own ‘tool kit’ of practical mindfulness techniques that work for them.

Practical Meditations, the ultimate “me” time which enlivens the “we” times.

Series of 3 classes: $90 

Drop-in class:  $40

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Infant Massage Class

Fun, informative class for you and your baby. Learn techniques used to promote better sleep, help regulate digestive and circulatory systems, relieve discomfort from colic and teething, and enhance bonding with your baby with the soothing power of touch.  We supply a small bottle of edible, safe, natural fractionated coconut oil to use in session and to take home.  Beginner class goes over basics, Advanced is a refresher class with more specific techniques and detail for babies with more problematic colic discomfort or other issue.

What to bring to class:

  1. A large towel or washable blanket.
  2. Extra pillow or cushion for support (we provide some).
  3. Extra diaper or two!

Group Class:  Five babies max per class. Recommended for babies 0-12 months.

60 minute Beginner class: $50

Individual Class: Recommended for all ages and babies over 12 months.

60 minute individual session: $90

Call 202-827-8064  or email with any questions or individual session times.

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Yoga Nidra

Known as “yogic sleep,” Yoga nidra is a conscious relaxation practice that is intended to induce total physical, mental, and emotional relaxation. Yoga nidra is generally practiced lying down so you can let go completely. Props, pillows and blankets are commonly used, as well as anything that will help you get into a totally comfortable, restful position. A typical yoga nidra practice is highly guided meditation, and takes your attention to specific places through a series of scripts and/or visualizations. No yoga experience necessary; all you need to bring is yourself and an open mind!

$35 individual /$90 for series of 3(Use code: YOGA3 for each class sign up)

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Aromatherapy Workshop

If you love aromatic bath and body products, this class is for you!
Class will start with a brief discussion on the use of essential oils in body products and some of their therapeutic values.  Each participant will make a customized herbal salt soak using a variety of skin nourishing base oils, dried herbs & flowers, essential oils, and natural salts.  Customize and choose your own essential oil blends and combinations to create relaxing, stimulating, immune boosting, or any other inspiring products.
All ingredients and bottles included.

Next class to be announced…

$30 per person

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