DIY Aromatherapy Bar

Want to mix up your own herbal bath salts,  blend a custom body oil, create your own natural perfume roller? 

At our DIY aromatherapy bar, you get to customize your own bath and body products choosing from an array of essential oils, dried flowers & herbs, vitamin-rich base oils and more. Choose a mineral-rich bath salt blend including pink Himalayan, black lava, & Epsom salts. Add dried milks like coconut to nourish the skin. Sprinkle in some dried herbs and flowers like lavender, rosebuds, valerian root, or chamomile.  Add sweet orange or bergamot oil and create a beautiful therapeutic bath salt.

Create a luxurious body oil or perfume roller with our abundant selection of high-quality essential oils. Add them to a nourishing base oil of apricot seed oil, sweet almond, grapeseed and more!  Our trained team can help you choose the right combinations for your own therapeutic body products!

Wellness Membership Program

Would you like to make therapeutic bodywork a more regular part of your ongoing wellness routine? Join our Membership Wellness Program! For just $115 a month (plus a one-time $30 initiation fee) you will receive one 60-minute massage, discounts on upgraded services or additional monthly massages, and discounts on selected retail purchases.


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