Lymphatic massage has gained quite a bit of popularity in the past few years. From celebrity and supermodel shout-outs to an increase in awareness for preventative care and healthy lifestyles, this particular massage technique is a great way to support your immune system, remove excess fluid, and make you feel energized and rejuvenated. 
The lymph system is vital to our body’s natural detoxing and cleansing cycle. Waste products, damaged cells, and bacteria are flushed and removed by our lymphatic fluid through vessels and nodes. Without an internal pump like our vascular system, lymph flow is stimulated by muscle contractions and movement. Sedentary lifestyles, restricted clothing,   stress, injuries, and poor eating habits can restrict and slow down this natural flow. Symptoms can include brain fog, fatigue, bloating, weight gain, chronic colds, and sinus issues, stiffness, inflammation, dry skin, poor digestion, and water retention.
How does a lymphatic drainage massage help?
With a gentle, rhythmic style, manual lymphatic drainage massage uses techniques that help move the lymph flow through the body and release restrictions in the tissue which enhances the body’s natural filtration system.
Lymphatic drainage massage and far infrared sauna – a power couple for immune support!
Add an infrared sauna session in our personal infrared pod for enhanced results. A far-infrared sauna session uses dry infrared light to heat up the body’s core temperature which increases circulation and causes a healthy sweat, (the body’s natural elimination process). Results may include reduced pain and joint inflammation, improved digestion, reduced water weight, and swelling, increased energy, improved skin tone, and overall wellness. These combined services are a powerful treatment to add to your wellness routine.